1. Oranges, analogue photography, 50x75cm, 1999
2. Without man death, analogue photography, 50x75cm, Arteleku, San Sebastian, 1999-2000
3. Car bomb, analogue photography, 120x180cm, Madrid, 2000

Car bomb, analogue photography, triptych, 120x180cm each, 2000, Madrid

How to install a bomb?, analogue photography, 120x180cm each, 2000-2001, Madrid

How to do a balaclava?, serie of 09 photographies,  30x40cm and 120x180cm, PS1, New York, 2001

How to make oranges, boobs, bombs and car bombs?
Video in loop, 2002, Madrid, Spain

A boy blowing up balloons until they explode, video in loop, 2003
for the exhibition " PROMISING YOUNG BOYS" at Konstakuten, Stockholm, Sweden

The conquest of the east, permament on maps, different format, 2001-2002. PS1, New York, USA.
View of some of the mechanisms triggered after the 11-S terrorist attack,  military crusades in the form of modern crusades.

21st century Native Americans, drawings on paper or photocopy of old armour engraving, 2001-2002
PS1, New York, USA

PARANOIA , 09 photos, 30x40cm, 2001, New York.

" Shot during Prot’s residency in New York following the attacks of 9/11, the photographs show snippets of the recognisable urban landscape, all typical busy streets and monumental skyscrapers of Midtown and Upper Manhattan. At the first glance, there’s nothing remarkable about the photographs, they could arguably be dismissed as even quite mundane. Yet if we focus our attention, each image becomes fatally marked by the suspicious presence of various boxes, packages, containers, as much a part of the urban scenery as billboards or limousines. Once symbols of trade, commerce and capitalist prosperity, these “innocent” objects are now turned into a frightening, potentially lethal threat."
Sinisa Mitrovic, A pas de loup, catalogue for Salon Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Presented at the entrance of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, NY during Listening to New Voices: 2001-2002 National and International Studio Program Exhibition.
In Global Anthem made in USA (2002), Valérie Prot plays all the national anthems from the countries represented in the Studio Program at the same time. The unified national anthems alternate between chaos and melody and the songs end one by one, until a single anthem—the longest—remains.

We are back, installation, 2005-2006
For the show Prophecy updates!, Espacio Abisal, Bilbao. Spain.

Family, poster, 50x75cm, 2003

Mai morirem, video animation in loop, 2006
Barcelona, Spain.

My first skate, 50x75cm each, 2006
Barcelona, Spain